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Our recruiting process is second to none


We learn about your company's needs, its unique culture, and the characteristics you value most in your teammates. Then we help you decide which of our six labor markets would be the best fit for your new team.


We walk through a process to determine what your "perfect candidate" looks like. Once we calibrate your idea of perfection, we rapidly scale our recruiting efforts and pre-screen top candidates for you.


Once you've interviewed and selected your favorite candidates, we help you negotiate salary and bring them on board with a thorough and welcoming orientation process.

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Localized HR Branding

Here’s a well known secret: job candidates evaluate your company just as much as you evaluate them. If your organization is not well known in Central or Eastern Europe, we can help you invest in localized branding to boost your company’s “cool” factor. This will improve your recruiting prospects by attracting better talent and improving your negotiating position.

Office & Culture Management

Silicon Valley isn’t the only place where cool offices, free snacks, and ping pong tables are. uSoftware provides the same sense of community that your own HQ does, ensuring that your team truly feels like they’re part of the team.

Legal & Financial

We handle the paperwork. We handle the numbers. And we’re an open book. Wow, how easy is that?

(For those of you who like the fine print, we work with lawyers and accountants in all our local markets to ensure we are not only in compliance with local laws, but with EU, UK, and US employment laws as well. Additionally, we’ve set up our own local affiliates in the EU, UK, and US so you can sign agreements in any jurisdiction you desire. This means there will be no misclassification of workers, no accounting mix ups, and no headaches.)

Team Transfer (optional)

Once you decide to formally acquire your dream team, we handle the entire legal and financial process so that all you have to do is sign the dotted line.

We’ve gone through this process many times before and have learned that no two transfers are the same. This means you can have it your way: a full transfer, a partial transfer, a blended transfer, or any other setup you’d like.

We also ensure that the process feels just as smooth for your future employees.

Ongoing Support

If you love our support services, we can keep providing them even after you acquire your team. This includes HR, system administration, office management, accounting, legal, payroll, assets management, information security, and more.

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