Our Build - Operate - Transfer model provides unique advantages

Learn why the wide range of benefits we provide simply can’t be rivaled

What is B-O-T?

Our business model, known as B-O-T (Build-Operate-Transfer), offers a distinct approach where we facilitate the creation of remote tech teams for our clients through three simple phases.
  • Build

    We custom build a team based on your requirements, allowing you to get as involved as you'd like in the interview, selection, and negotiation process.

  • Operate

    We manage the team's financial, legal, and operational logistics during a period in which you get to test out the team.

  • Transfer (optional)

    If you’d like to hire the team, we can transfer the team's entire legal structure to your company via an official merger whenever you're ready to fully absorb them into your organization.

B-O-T vs other methods


Many companies choose to outsource their work to overseas agencies, which means they pay a fee in exchange for completed products or services. It can be a convenient approach in some cases, but you should also be aware of the risks.


  • The agency may have experience working on products like yours.
  • The agency can often get up and running with your project quickly
  • You don't have to worry about the day-to-day operational logistics


  • In order to reduce costs, outsourcing agencies often rely heavily on junior developers. The experienced, senior developers often only oversee the work and act as account managers.
  • The agency may push back your project's timeline in order to prioritize new, more favored clients.
  • All the knowledge accumulated by the programmers working on your projects remains with the agency and can be used by their other clients as soon as you end your contract.

Internal Recruiting

Most companies already have an internal recruiting team. Such a team is an invaluable asset because they deeply understand their company culture, operations, and team policies. However, much of this expertise may break down when trying to establish a team in a new country.


  • The agency may have experience working on products like yours.
  • The agency can often get up and running with your project quickly.
  • You don't have to worry about the day-to-day operational logistics.


  • Your recruiters may breach local labor laws in the interviewing and hiring process that they are unaware of.
  • Your recruiters may have difficulty navigating the nuances of cross cultural communication in your new labor market. A job candidate may be the perfect fit for your company, but slight misunderstandings may lead your team to believe that he or she is not a fit.
  • Your recruiters may not be aware of the most desirable benefits packages available in the local market.
  • You will likely have to hire consultants to set up your legal and financials in any case.

Recruiting Agencies

Some companies decide to work with local recruiting agencies in the markets they expand to. This provides them with a helpful local guide throughout the hiring process, but no comprehensive or long term support.


  • Local recruiting agencies understand their local culture and can better translate which job applicants are a best fit for your company.
  • Your recruiters may have a strong relationship with the hiring managers and can understand which types of professionals would work best on each team.
  • Local recruiters understand local hiring customs and laws, thereby mitigating legal risk in the hiring process.


  • Local recruiters generally only focus on hiring new team members for your company; they don't focus on all the other important areas of team building, like setting up your legal entity, setting up and handling your accounting, running payroll, and ensuring that the team continues to run well.

We operate in multiple countries

Few IT companies boast the expertise and geographic reach that we do.

Because we operate in 8 cities across 6 countries, our wide reach ensures we can find the right culture, skill, budget, and legal fit for your company’s unique needs when deciding where you should set up a team.

















B-O-T means low attrition

Most tech professionals in Central and Eastern Europe are only able to find jobs at outsourcing agencies. Because they spend their days switching from one client project to another, it can be hard for them to feel committed and fulfilled at work.

As a result, they jump at the opportunity to join in-house tech teams with global companies. And when they find a global company that fits their vibe, you’ll find they remain loyal for years.

With B-O-T, the price is right

Here is an example of what the costs may look like for a strong mid-level engineer with 4+ years of experience. Our setup can be 30-50% cheaper compared to top markets in the United States.

Expenditure United Software Local hire UAE, Israel Local hire uk, Usa
Salary compensation 4,500 10,000 13,000
Agency free ($45/hr) - - -
uSoftware monthly Administration Fee 1,800 - -
Total $6,300 $10,000 $13,000

B-O-T's low attrition rate

Employee attrition can be an expensive drain on any company’s budget. Reduce the cost of having to continuously refill job positions by shifting your hiring plans to Central or Eastern Europe, a region full of talented professionals who are known for committing to their international employers for a very long time.

means extra cost savings

B-O-T is the easiest way to remain compliant with local laws

We won't lie - operating a business in emerging markets can be bureaucratic and tricky. But we've got you covered. We take care of the legal, financial, and logistical hurdles while providing you with a clear guidebook of what we're doing.
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